Images by Golden Days Photos

It's me

If I have learned anything on this incredible trip, it is that I am ever changing in this creative space & that sometimes the imperfect moments are the ones we remember the most. When our little ones have tears, but we are there to hold them & pick them up off the ground. When we feel less than we are, but then we see the way our children, family and lovers are looking at us in those split second frames.

I will be your photographer, but I will also be a friendly ear for your struggles in parenthood, business, a story teller of the adventures you share with your people, and the creator of a feeling you get, when you look back on these moments and realise.... I have grown so much!

I place no heavy expectation on a session, I want you to feel as though you are spending time with a friend. A friend who wants to give you the time to embrace the essence of creativity and hold this seasons of your life in a picture.... that you get to be in!

Image by Nichole Louise Photography